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Research shows that among rich and powerful people, running is the most popular. Join them quickly, the question is, How to choose a pair of running shoes? Nike Running Shoes are the professional running shoes.Nike zoom, Nike Free,Nike Lunar, and Nike React are the most outstanding 4 series.
First, let's look at the advantages of Nike Zoom, known for its fast and flexible feedback and instant shock mitigation effect. By implanting Zoom air cushion in the middle sole of running shoes and combining it with the shock mitigation material of the middle sole, it achieves a good shock mitigation feeling.
Next, let's look back at Nike free. Its selling point is that it's as comfortable and light as socks. The combination of spandex and Flywire in the upper creates a better dynamic fit than in the past. It's very popular in the market. In 2012, it's the sales champion in the field of Nike running shoes.
Thirdly, we talk about Nike lunar landing shoes, which are mainly made of mesh. The soles of shoes are made of foamed EVA material. It has also had a glorious history and proud achievements.
Finally, talk about the most popular Nike React Series running shoes recently.As soon as they came on the stage, they stole all the halos and attracted countless people's eyes. The soft-spring foot feels really exciting. Then Nike officially released Nike Epic React Flyknit and the React family officially appeared. After getting the affirmation from the market, we use this technology to launch the Nike Air Max react 270, Nike reacts element.

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